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Once Upon a Time in the Bamboo

A martial arts short film inspired by the 1971 film “A Touch of Zen”, “Once Upon a Time in the Bamboo” weaves together ancient Chinese history and mysticism told from a modern boy’s imaginative perspective.



Currently in post-production of “Once Again in the Bamboo” the sequel to my award winning short “Once Upon a Time in the Bamboo”, I am fiercely dedicated to my directing. I have been overtaken by visions that need to be shared.

Projects ready for production: “Hot Pot” an Asian family drama short, “Didn’t I Save Your Life” a sci-if short, “Like Dew Like Lightning” a martial art feature film, and a feature biopic “Becoming Anna May Wong” based on the story of the first Chinese American film star in Hollywood’s Golden Age. There are many more ideas flooding over in my head. 

I am so grateful for your support, all contributions go directly to funding current and future projects. Only by your generous contributions am I able to bring my art to life and inspire others to follow their dreams as well.

— Peilin Kuo 

Let Me Think Productions


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