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Peilin Kuo 

Peilin Kuo is an award-winning writer/director, born and raised in Taiwan. After graduating with a degree in theater, Peilin directed, edited, produced music videos, commercial spots, and television in Taipei. Peilin is now a New York based filmmaker. 

Peilinʼs first short film, "everyday" won the "Someone to Watch 2005" award from CineWomen NY and was broadcast by PBS’s "Reel New York" in 2007. Her short film, "A.K.A. 08494####," was awarded “First Runner Up” and “Most Original” from the 2005 "72 Hour Film Shootout" competition. Her music video, "true story," was screened at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Her short film, "Private Party," won the Golden Palm award at the 2009 Mexico International Film Festival. 


Peilinʼs short film, "Prescott Place," was nominated for the "Excellence in Short Filmmaking" award at the 2011 Asian American International Film Festival. The film was also an official selection at the 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and won an “Honorable Mention” award from Asians On Film Festival 2012. 


Her feature length screenplay “Becoming Anna May Wong” was a Finalist for the Sundance Development Track in 2021. 

Her latest short film “Once Upon a Time in the Bamboo”, a fantasy martial arts film, won the Best Super Short Award from NJ International Short Film Festival 2021 and the Gladiator Film Festival 2021, was a Nominee of the Best Short Short Award at Queens World Film Festival 2021, and a Finalist for Best Narrative Short competition at Cinelounge Presents International Film Festival 2021. 

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